Decor Style

What Is Your Decor Style

Do you love decorating, but are not sure what exactly your style is? What chair would you choose: mid century modern chair, classic chair, retro chair, or a modern one? Complete our quiz to find out if you lean more towards minimalism or eclecticism.

1. What kind of furniture do you prefer?

A:  as little as possible, with one striking modern sofa 

B:  a mix of various styles some current, some retro and shabby chic or another style 

C:  an heirloom piece or two combined with contemporary furniture 

D:  classic designs that won’t date

2. What type of upholstery do you like?

A:  plain fabric with the same neutral color scheme throughout the room 

B:  a mix of patterns and exciting motifs from different styles 

C:  contemporary fabric on antique pieces 

D:  textured fabrics and vibrant colors such as deep red

3. What type of lighting do you prefer?

A:  a single modern pendant light or downlighters only B:  a mix of light features from Moroccan star-like shades to modern lamps C:  contemporary fixtures combined with an old-worldly chandelier or table lamp D:  a striking crystal chandelier as a feature and a pair of table lamps for mood

4. What type of flowers is your favorite in the home?

A:  striking green foliage in a glass vase 

B:  a large bunch of flowers with a bit of everything 

C:  cut flowers from your garden 

D:  roses or potted orchids

5. What is in front of your windows?

A:  blinds only 

B:  unique window dressing like a piece of printed cloth 

C:  traditional or French lace curtains 

D:  heavy curtains in luxurious fabric (velvet, or damask print)



Furniture is limited to the minimum with one large sofa with straight lines. Blinds are preferred over curtains, and soft furnishings are limited to the essential minimum. Simplicity is what it is all about, but fittings can add a touch of warmth to an otherwise stark environment. Modern light fittings made of chrome or steel can be a striking focal point, while a pedestal lamp with an attractive design can provide a welcome variation on the rest of the stark lines.



A mixture of styles and furniture from different periods are put together creatively to create a unique space. Eclectic decorating is for those who would like to add a personal and unique spin to their homes. Various elements are incorporated, but it still has a modern spin. Remember, it needs to be cohesive and well put together, so instead stick to a neutral background and then use two to three colors to spice it up.


Old and New

Mixing old and new decor pieces can be exciting and add character to any interior. Various antique and contemporary pieces are combined, and the mixture of the two creates the perfect balance. Antiques feel warm and have an air of nostalgia, while modern pieces give a fresh feeling. Remember, the most successful combinations are achieved through a 25% antique and 75% contemporary blend, or vice versa.


Classic Contemporary

The style is cozy and charming with vibrant colors and textures that give warmth, yet modern furniture pieces add a contemporary flair. Dark wood furniture is often a favorite, but avoid using too much of it. The room and furniture work in harmony, often with the fireplace as a focal point around which furniture is placed. Color and texture work well together while contrast is limited to the minimum.